Put Elaine Long's media and
business/executive coaching experience to
work in your life and get powerful results
you're committed to.

What would life be like if...

You made a commitment to take your presentation skills to the
next  level?  Or focused on your vision daily
and handled all those

Can you imagine...

Speaking up to share your ideas rather than holding back? Or
feeling confident fielding questions from reporters while
communicating your company's messages?

You know the results you want, but a gap exists between you
and those results.  It's called resistance and it wears different

At Coaching Action, Elaine Long coaches people in the gap
to identify and manage their resistance.  Her customized
coaching allows them to shift into action and produce powerful
results; whether those results are with the news media, their
business or professional goals, communicating to an audience,
or delivering a presentation.

Coaching Action specializes in
communication, media,
executive and business coaching.  We support you in creating
breakthroughs through a time tested formula:

Intention + Commitment + Action = Results

Although resistance and fear are predictable companions along
the path towards results, managing them leads to possibilities
you can produce.
Coaching Action
Elaine Long, MA