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Are you aware of your communication impact?

Often, we think our communication is clear, respectful and understandable but others experience something else entirely.

That’s a communication gap.

Knowing a gap exists and having tools and strategies for managing it successfully makes a difference in
our ability to impact and influence others. In fact, knowing what to say and how to say it skillfully can result in benefits such as building credibility during news media interviews, landing a message with the right audience, gaining buy-in for an idea, handling tough conversations, securing resources for an initiative, inspiring customers with a presentation, or creating goodwill across teams.

Move from gap to impact.

At Coaching Action, Elaine Long supports individuals and teams to intentionally communicate. With customized coaching and training methods proven to produce powerful results, Elaine’s clients gain self-awareness and confidence as well as the mental clarity needed to effectively connect with an audience in ways that lead to positive impact and business results.

What is the communication impact you intend to create?

Elaine is unique in that she starts with the context, the situation you’re in, your business goals and then works with you to determine what you need to communicate.
— Bill Ayer, Retired Chairman & CEO, The Alaska Air Group

Who Benefits:

  • Executive leaders and spokespeople who must influence customers, partners, investors, reporters and analysts.
  • Emerging leaders and managers who must build trust, negotiate change and handle difficult conversations.
  • Top performers interdependent on others in the organization for strategic buy-in on key initiatives.