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Intentional Communication

Companies and organizations call me regularly with issues involving communication among teams and individuals. Some of the issues include demoralized staff after caustic encounters between colleagues; team members who think they can’t push back on clients; managers who avoid tough conversations; or leaders who mean well but because they move too fast, aren’t clear with their direction. 

All of these examples share a common trait: a break down in communication. When this occurs, the result can be misunderstanding, frustration, anxiety, and confusion, but in every case, productivity suffers. The majority of people I work with want smoother interactions but haven’t been taught how to achieve them or don’t know how to use skilled conversational skills.

My goal with intentional communication is to increase personal awareness and build the skillset to engage in meaningful conversations. Clients learn to manage emotions and thoughts, understand how to reach satisfactory outcomes with others on key issues, discover filters that prevent honest communication, handle tough conversations with respect, learn how to advocate for self without putting others down, as well as create a professional safety zone to engage substantive and constructive dialogue. 

These are highly customized training and coaching sessions, in which you learn proven tools to engage in conversations that focus on creating win/win outcomes. Most important, you practice these new communication skills so you can apply what you’ve learned to create smoother interactions with others. 

Skills and tools learned help you when giving and receiving feedback, speaking up in meetings, interacting with colleagues you perceive to be difficult, and advocating to gain credibility. The result is more strategic communication and conversational savvyiness.

Elaine delivers value that benefits the entire team, and often the entire organization. She helps leaders become stronger and develops people with leadership potential.
— Cathryn Laird, HR Manager, City of Renton
I so appreciate the candid feedback and actionable guidance. I can’t wait to put the tips into practice! I know you put a ton of thought into setting up this program for us. Please know that I’m grateful I had the opportunity to participate.
— Kristen Kish, Communications Professional Tech Industry