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Public Speaking Coaching and Presentation Skills Training

Clients tell me that the number one quality they want when faced with a critical presentation or speech is confidence. They want that confident feeling to influence the audience and come away being viewed as compelling and credible. It doesn’t matter if that client is a CEO, fast track manager, or new team leader, increased confidence is the number one goal for everyone.

Confidence and credibility go hand in hand and it’s what we focus on as the outcome in these customized trainings and coaching sessions. We start with your role as the presenter to crystallize your approach to speaking, getting clear about the purpose and result you intend to accomplish with the content. You learn techniques to frame your mindset for these important discussions that boost your confidence when presenting and responding to questions from the audience.


Then, we shift our focus to the audience, structuring your content to engage people in a thoughtful discussion. You’ll learn an audience-centric approach to share information and influence action that is relevant for the audience and your organization.

Throughout your coaching, we practice your content until it’s internalized, which means you know it so well that you easily adapt it to share in different ways, but still credibly each time. Part of the practice involves videotaping. This process may seem uncomfortable yet, extremely valuable in allowing you to see how you come across. 

After reviewing themselves delivering a presentation, not only do clients remark that they look and sound excellent, but it also boosts their confidence so much that they carry that image with them. It remains a powerful tool each time they speak, creating a credible experience for them, as well as their audience.

Elaine helps your overcome the fear from public speaking and gain the confidence you need.
— Craig Lee , former CEO, Quickfire Networks (acquired by Facebook)
Elaine helped my team focus on key elements of their presentation style and months later they show that they have put into regular practice the good technique that Elaine had taught them. I would highly recommend her services for anyone speaking in public from novice to professional.
— Don Biszek, Director of program management Stratos Product Development