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Leadership Communication Coaching

You know those people in your organization who immediately captivate attention?

It’s not so much what they say, although that is a part of their allure, it’s something else.

Some quality that earns instant credibility, makes people listen, and inspires confidence. They possess presence and the ability to be present. These individuals are comfortable in their skin, lead with their values, and are strategic with their communication. What you see and hear is what you get. They generate trust and command attention.

The good news is we all have the capacity to create this leadership presence through more powerful, intentional communication. This ability begins with self-awareness, an understanding of who we are at our core, what we value, and how we model and communicate those values. But self-awareness is only the first step.

In these highly customized coaching sessions, we work from the inside out to deepen your awareness, identify thinking that may work against clarity, spot verbal tactics and language patterns that erode credibility. You gain an understanding of your blind spots – those aspects of ourselves we don’t see but others do – that hold you back. 

With proven tools, techniques and a process, you grow this leadership capacity, resulting in greater alignment between thoughts and behaviors, creating clarity in all aspects of your communication. From that foundation, you make strategic choices about how you engage to communicate powerfully.

She has been instrumental to me in helping me to become a better leader of my organization.
— Sascha Weis, VP of Global Business Development, Corbis
Elaine has been a sounding board, coach and friend, all the while assisting with my professional and personal development. She has provided support in situations that include navigating major public presentations to making key life & career changing decisions. She is a fantastic resource for executives seeking to optimize their performance in both work and life.
— Sr. HR Director, Tech Industry